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16 Amp Linear Current Booster & Pump Driver for 12 or 24 Volt Dankoff Pumps

16 Amp Linear Current Booster & Pump Driver for 12 or 24 Volt Dankoff Pumps

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Solar Converters 16 Amp Linear Current Booster

Used to control and power a DC motor from a solar panel. The unit prevents stalling of the motor under less than full sun condition. The power of the sun is transformed to the motor running conditions so as the sun goes down the motor slows down instead of stalling. Conversely, or as the sun comes up the motor starts running much earlier instead of staying stalled for hours when it could be running. This translates into more running time of the motor where it spends a lot of time working instead of stalled doing no work.

This particular model works well with many of the Dankoff brand solar pumps. This model comes with a NEMA 3R rated enclosure for outside use. The unit is also available without an enclosure, with a NEMA 1R enclosure, or a NEMA 4 enclosure. The prices vary depending on the model. Please email us or call if you need one of these other models.


  • Voltage Limited Output
  • Internal Fuse- 25 amp automotive style fuse
  • Greatly increases water flow, even under reduced sunlight conditions (over 40% likely)
  • Transient Protected on the input and output
  • Float Switch Input for on/off control, both Normally Open and Normally Closed float switch compatibility
  • Single Unit Switchable
    • 12/24/36 volt PV array input
    • 12/24 volt motor output
  • Ultra High Efficiency >94 %
  • Multiple enclosure options
    • NEMA 3R enclosure
    • NEMA 4 enclosure
    • NEMA 1R enclosure
    • No enclosure, Open Frame

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage (V) 12 / 24
Nominal PV Input (V) 12 / 24 / 36
Maximum PV Input (V) 75
Maximum Output Voltage (v)** 15 / 30
Maximum Output (A) 16
Maximum Output (A)
short term - 10 sec
Efficiency >94%

** Special units have a suffix of M XX after the part number. The maximum output voltage of the pump driver is XX. For example PPT 16 M6 will power a 6 V motor from a nominal 12 V solar panel. Note that the motor current increase by the ratio of approx. 15/6. Thus a 1 amp 12V nominal solar panel will power the motor at 2.5 Amps.


Mechanical Specifications

Open Frame (No Enclosure)

Weight: approx. 0.5 lb.

Size:5" x 5" x 2"

Humidity:0 - 90 % non-condensing


NEMA 3R Enclosure

Weight: approx. 5 lb.

Size: 6" X 8" X 4"

Humidity: 0 - 90 % non-condensing


Power: PV and Motor Output

  • Terminal Block
    • Accepts up to #6 Awg wire

Float Switch

  • Terminal Block
    • Accepts up tp #16 Awg wire

Application Notes

  1. This Pump Power Tracker(TM) is quite capable of putting out over 15 amps into a stalled load even from a single 30 watt 4.5 amp panel. It is recommended that a fuse or over temperature switch matched to your pump motor be incorporated in the system to protect your pump or motor.
  2. Float switch operation draws microamps of current, i.e. small wire gauge, allowing long distance runs between float switches / holding tanks, and PV / pump driver without the need to string long lines of heavy gauge wire.
  3. Unit is a true 16 amp unit, all necessary derating already accounted for. Unit is capable of 20 amp operation with normal derating practices.
  4. As with all electronics, it is recommended the unit not be mounted in direct sunshine.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Solar Converters PPT-16D User ManualSolar Converters PPT-16D User Manual

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2 units fried Review by Alp
We purchased 2 of these to run a 24v Dankoff solarforce piston pump. Both of them had their MOSFET' s burned after 1 month of operation. Supplier was not helpful at all. Not responding to emails our questions. For the price of the unit, I would recommend going with something that has better documentation and support. Specifically for projects located outside of the US (Posted on October 18, 2017)
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