Solar Manufacturers Website & Solar Information Links


This is a listing of the companies and brands that we carry and some solar and wind information sites.

Insolation charts at NREL

Arizona Solar Center All US Tax Incentives & Rebates California Energy Commission (CEC)
Anderson Power Products Blue Sky Energy Bogart Engineering
Concorde SunXtender Batteries Crown Battery The DIY World - Lots of How-to Videos and Articles About Off-grid Living
DPW Solar Mounts Exeltech Flexcon Industries
Home Power Magazine Iota Engineering IronRidge Mounts
Kyocera Solar Magnum Energy MidNite Solar
Morningstar Corporation Outback Power Rolls Battery (Surrette)
Schneider Electric SES Flexcharge USA Shurflo Solar Pumps
SMA Solar Technology Solar Converters Inc. SunDanzer Energy Efficient Refrigerators & Freezers
Sun Pumps Xantrex Mobile Power Products Zomeworks Corporation
Magnetic Declination Thomas Edison's Battery