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SolarEdge 5,300 Watt Grid Tie Solar System Kit

SolarEdge 5,300 Watt Grid Tie Solar System Kit
SKU: GTK-P300-5.3kW


Solar Grid-Tie Kit with SolarEdge Optimizers and Inverter - 5,300 Watts

Shipping Note: Some items in this kit must ship by truck freight. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping methods, please email us or give us a call.

Notice: In many areas of the country, it is not permitted for an unqualified person to connect grid-interactive electrical equipment to the utility grid. It could result in severe penalties and/or fines. Be sure to check your local electrical code and regulations before installing this system. You may need to hire a licensed electrician in order to pass an electrical inspection.

Note: This kit comes with an IronRidge XR rail mount for the solar panels. There are many different types of mounts that can meet your needs but the most popular mounts for this type of system is a rail mount setup. Some of our customers prefer top-of-pole mounts and some prefer to build their own. If you're looking for the easiest method, we recommend going with a professional mounting system like the one we list here. This rail system is configured for one horizontal row. If you need a different configuration or you're interested in pole mounts, please contact us and we can design a mount to meet your specifications.

This kit is one of the easiest ways to get started with a grid-tie solar system. It comes with 5,300 watts in solar modules, SolarEdge P300 optimizers, and a SolarEdge 5,000 watt inverter system for 60 Hz and 240 Volts AC. Each of the DC power optimizers are capable of handling 300 watts solar input. An advantage of a SolarEdge grid-tie system is that you can easily add additional modules to your system in the future. You can even add modules with different electrical specifications and the P300 optimizer will match its power output with the power output of your other modules. In the event of a utility power outage, this system will not operate. The electrical grid must be working in order for the inverter to provide power. This is due to an industry-wide safety feature to protect electricians working on power lines during an outage.

The mounting system uses the brand new IronRidge XR-100 aluminum rail designed to mount to standard shingle roofs. If you have a metal roof, a tile roof, or some other type, please contact us and we can adjust the materials to work with your roof type. Please email us or call and speak with a sales associate with any questions or to discuss design options.

Kit Contents


NOTE: The rail mounting feet are not included in this kit. The type of mounting feet you need will depend on the type of roof on your house. The RF-FLSH-001-S flash foot is designed for shingled roofs and the RS-LFT-001 is a standard L-Foot for most other roof types. The flash feet are sold individually and the L-feet are sold in kits of four feet. If you are not sure what you need, please email us or give us a call.

 If you choose the RS-LFT-001 L-Foot, you will need a quantity of 10 kits.

 If you choose the RS-FLSH-001-S Flash Foot, you will need 40.

Warranty Information:

  • Kyocera KU265GX-LPB: 10 years workmanship, 25 years at 80% power output
  • SolarEdge P300 Optimizer: 25 years
  • SolarEdge SE3000A Inverter: 12 years

Note: Every solar system installation is different. While this kit contains almost everything you need, you will have to provide some of your own materials. For example, you may want to purchase some wire nuts for splicing wire (you may or may not need to splice wire depending upon your installation). You may also need to upgrade your kilowatt-hour meter or add an additional meter if your local electrical code requires it. The XR-100 mounting system will also require hardware for fastening the feet to the mounting surface.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU GTK-P300-5.3kW
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