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Steca PR 1010 Solar Charge Controller, 10 Amp, 12/24 volt

Steca PR 1010 Solar Charge Controller, 10 Amp, 12/24 volt
SKU: PR-1010


Steca PR 1010 Solar Charge Controller 10 Amp, 12/24 Volt

Steca designed LCD in symbols and digits showing SOC, Vbat, all currents, Ah, alarms, day / night and more. The Steca PR charge controllers were launched in the year 2004 as the fifth generation of charge controller technology (up to 900 Wp). This high class state of the art product upgrades the Steca Solarix series by a customer designed LCD which shows the accurate state of charge (SOC) in percent and as battery gauge symbol. The heart of the controller is the integrated circuit called ATONIC®II, which contains the improved regulation software based on a self learning algorithm.


  • PWM shunt battery charging
  • state of charge (SOC) battery regulation
  • built in Ah counter
  • boost charging
  • equalising charge
  • float charging
  • automatic load reconnection
  • manual load switch
  • automatic selection of voltage (12 V / 24 V)
  • temperature compensation
  • positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal
  • field adjustable parameters by two buttons
  • lighting control options during nighttime
  • interface to prepayment unit

2 year warranty

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU PR-1010
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