SunPumps SCS Replacement 120 Volts Y Motor MTR BLM-SB-103S-120Y

MTR BLM-SB-103S-120Y
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SunPumps Replacement 120 Volts Y SCS Brushless Motor

This is a replacement motor for the SunPumps 120 Volts Y SCS brushless submersible pumps. The motor windings are epoxy sealed and there are no electronics inside the motor thus eliminating the possibility of water damaging the controller. The motors are constructed of corrosion resistant, 304 and 316 stainless steel with a standard submersible NEMA 4" end bell adapter.

Model Number: MTR BLM-SB-103S-120Y


Motor Horse Power: 1.0
DC Voltage Range: 60-120
Full Load RPM: 3150
Max Load Current: 8 Amps
Motor Efficiency: 78%
Weight (Motor Only): 14.6 Lbs. (6.62 kg.)

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