Tamarack UNI-GR90 Roof & Ground Mount With 90 Inch Channel

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Tamarack UNI-GR90CV Universal Roof & Ground Mount With 90" Channel

NOTE: If you are unsure about which panels will work with this mount, you can try using the Tamarack sizing calculator spreadsheet, found in the "DETAILS" tab. Otherwise, you can always email us or give us a call if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you choose the correct size roof/ground mount.

The UNI-GR90CV mount comes with 90 inch mounting channel.

The Tamarack Solar roof/ground mounts are one of the easiest methods to install PV panels on the ground or on a roof. In some cases, the mounts can also be installed on a vertical wall. The number of modules that can fit on the mount depends upon the module dimensions. The modules can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation, as long as the module dimensions will allow it. The redesigned, adjustable roof/ground mounts are easy to install and only require a single tool, a 1/2" wrench\socket for 5/16 hex bolts and flange nuts. Multiple roof/ground mounts can be fastened together in a row by using a mount intertie kit (part# 51-0520-002) as seen in picture #2. These mounts are perfectly suited for installations on a house, cabin, shipping containers, and sheds. The mounts can also be adjusted for the optimal solar angle based on your geographic location. Quantities of panels supported vary by panel model widths.

10 year warranty

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