Tamarack Solar UNI-PGRM/1P1 Economy Horizontal One Module Top of Pole Mount

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Tamarack Solar UNI-PGRM/1P1 Pole Mount

The PGRM mount can be used with modules that meet the following specifications:

  • It's at least 35 inches from end to end on the inside end of the frame.
  • Frame thickness is between 1.18 and 2.0 inches.
  • No maximum length or width when the following parameters are followed:
    • The full solar PV array falls within the total square footage limits for PGRM mount.
    • The Mid/End clamps are suitable per specific module installation standards.

Two sizes of module clamps

  • UNI-PGRM-END, 35-inch long for modules with frame length of 38 to 72 inches. Included
  • UNI-PGRM-END47, 47-inch long for modules with frame length of 72 to 96 inches. Must be purchased separately.

The Horizontal Pole Mount is an extremely sturdy, universal pole mounting solution. With its user adjustable angle settings (0 to 60), the Horizontal Pole Mount can support installations in a wide range of locations. Note: A 4" SCH-40 support pipe and 3" SCH-40 main beam pipe are user supplied.


  • Number of Modules: 1
  • Designed for 115 mph wind speeds, additional bracing is available for higher wind speeds
  • Easily installed and adjusted by a single person
  • Pre-galvanized
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

10 year warrenty

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