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Trojan 24-GEL 12 Volt 77 Amp-hour Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Trojan 24-GEL 12 Volt 77 Amp-hour Deep Cycle Gel Battery


Trojan Deep Cycle 12V 77 Amp-hour Gel Battery

Trojan Battery – the most trusted name in deep-cycle battery technology – also offers deep-cycle gel batteries.

  • Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries are completely maintenance-free and require no watering.
  • Deep-cycle gel batteries provide customers long lasting runtime and battery life for the most demanding applications.

Utilizing a proprietary gel formulation, Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries provide longer cycle life than other gel technologies in heavy-duty applications, making it best in its class. Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries deliver rugged durability and consistent performance, offering a versatile alternative for use in applications requiring sealed batteries.

Trojan’s deep-cycle gel line is a great complement to our flooded line where maintenance-free is a must, or environmental regulations mandate its use. The robust design makes Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries ideal for use in health and safety sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, airports and office buildings.

24-GEL Battery Specifications:

  • 12 Volts DC
  • 77 Amp-hours @ 20hr rate
  • Gel Cell
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.92" x 6.61" x 9.26"
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • BCI Group Size: 24

Warranty: 1 year free replacement, 1 year prorated, 2 years total.

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Additional Information

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