Tamarack SP/02A Universal Side of Pole Mount


This mount is designed for smaller or older-style solar panels.  It's not compatible with most modern 60 cell or 72 cell modules.

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Tamarack UNI-SP/02A Side of Pole Mount

Tamarack side of pole mounts are designed to fit pole diameters of 2 to 4, and to support modules with a center-center weight distribution sized from of 19 to 39. Tilt range includes 15 - 65 degrees. Tamarack Side of Pole Mounts are manufactured using heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5052-H32 aluminum. The UNI-SP/02A Universal Side-of-Pole Mount is a simple and straightforward pole mounting solution for small area solar photovoltaic (PV) needs. With its user settable angle adjustment, it can support installations in a wide range of locations.

The UNI-SP/02A supports:

  • Up to two PV panels with a combined width of up to 55 inches.
  • Pole diameters from 3.0 inches to 4.5-inches.
  • Bucket Min and Max support rail spacing: 18.9" min, 28.7" max (center-to-center distance between mounting holes on the rear side of solar panel frame)

10 year warranty

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