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Flexcon Flex 2 Pro WWT-120 119 Gallon Water Pressure Tank

Flexcon Flex 2 Pro WWT-120 119 Gallon Water Pressure Tank
SKU: WWT-120


Flexcon Flex 2 Pro 119 Gallon Water Pressure Tank

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The Flexcon WWT series water pressure tanks are constructed of 16 gauge cold rolled steel and the paint is appliance quality finish for indoor or outdoor installation. Top water chamber is made of 100% butyl rubber and the lower chamber is made of copolymer polypropylene. It uses a welded steel NPT threaded outlet. The unit has been tested for high pressure, seam weld, helium and final pre-charge check. The air valves are brass with an O-ring seal.

Total Tank
Height Diameter Connection Total Weight
gal liters in cm in cm lbs kilos
120 119 450 59.75 150.49 26 66.04 1.25" NPT 153 69.5

5 year warranty

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Additional Information

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