Zomeworks UTRK-040 Tracking Mount


The Zomeworks brand of equipment has been discontinued. Please email us or give us a call for other options and alternatives. Please click here to visit our Panel Mounts and Trackers page.

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Zomeworks UTRK-040 Passive Solar Tracking Mount

40 Square foot panel mounting area.


-has dual shock absorbers for better stability
-has early morning wake up fin for faster response
-ships partially assembled via UPS
-is relatively light and easier to install The Zomeworks UTRK-040 is most popular for small to medium water pumping systems, such as those using submersible well pumps. This mount is intended for mounting 2 or 4 panels, totaling around 200 to 500 watts.

NOTE: There is a high wind kit available for the UTRK-040 tracking mount. The part number is FG-HWU-UTRK.

Track Rack Brochure

Pole Installation Manual

UTRK-40 Assembly Instructions

For a complete list of Zomeworks mount documents, please visit the Zomeworks official website.

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